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Who are we ? The partners and experts

The partners

Chardeau & Mazeret was created with the union of two Asset Managers who worked together at a major French bank.

They understood that many clients wish to build a property portfolio but fail to do so due to lack of time, distance or even because they do not want to be involved in the administrative management of the property. They need to be supported during the investment process but also year after year, throughout the life of the property.


Guillaume Chardeau

  • Then he specialised in the monitoring of international clients and, in particular, expats.
  • He worked on the international structuring of their assets, taking into account national law and international conventions.
  • Guillaume Chardeau graduated from the European Business School Paris, Dublin and Madrid. He speaks French and English.

Alexandre Mazeret

  • Alexandre Mazeret worked for 15 years at major international banks in France, Luxembourg and Sweden (BNP Paribas Private Bank, Dresdner Bank Private Banking and Crédit Lyonnais).
  • During this time he specialised in asset management for international customers. Besides portfolio management, he implemented bespoke asset, tax and inheritance engineering solutions.
  • In addition, he advised private individuals on the constitution of their property portfolio, both in terms of acquisition and financing as well as management.
  • Alexandre Mazeret graduated from the ESIG Paris business school. He speaks French, English and Swedish.

Our property managers


Sebastien Brostin

Property Account Manager


Lucille Martin

Property Account Manager


Thomas Herrig

Property Account Manager


Victor Gasparac

Property Account Manager