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Our Tailored offer

Your property search

Facilitating the purchase of a property and taking responsibility for all problems requires specific skills. We work with you to define your search criteria. We find your apartment using our professional network and our private contacts combined with an active search.

Depending on your needs, we can assist you in the search for financing solutions, in renovating work and decorating as well as in the management and monitoring of your property while controlling your tax liability.

Whether you live in Paris, en provinces or abroad, Chardeau & Mazeret reduces the distance between you and your investment property.

Are you up to your eyes in work or does distance prevent you from devoting yourself 100% to your property project?

Whether purchasing a pied-à-terre, a main residence or a rental investment, Chardeau & Mazeret is happy to assume responsibility for the entire purchasing process.

Our mission: facilitate your property investment and help you buy your apartment.

Succeed with your property investment:

  • You are overwhelmed at work and it is complicated engaging the services of real estate agent or notary even when you live in Paris!
  • How will you handle the paperwork, which is sometimes complex, especially when you live abroad?
  • What kind of rental management is most appropriate to your situation? Will your property be, a furnished or an unfurnished apartment or a seasonal rental?
  • Who will buy the property? Will the purchase be in your name or on behalf of the company? What are the tax implications? Let’s say you live abroad. What are the tax implications for a non-resident of France?
  • Who will assist you in arranging a mortgage and with the renovation work?
  • Who will help you file your tax returns?

Chardeau & Mazeret meets your expectations and takes responsibility for the entire process of analysis, consulting, purchasing, management and monitoring of your property.

Our Fees for the “Tailored Offer”

300 euros, upon signing the documents to launch the search

If < 500 000 3,00%
Between 500 001 and 750 000 2,75%
Between 750 001 and 1 000 000 2,50%
Between 1 000 001 and 1 250 000 2,25%
If > 1 250 000 2,00%

These fees are payable upon signing of the deed at the notary’s office and shall not be lower than 5,000 euros.

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